Basics for Cake Designing


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Designing cakes can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have no idea how beyond the simple dots or waves of icing. Don’t you want to design a cake that looks sophisticated with beautiful embellishments of cheerful colors?

Cakes are among a series of confectionaries that hold the promise of mouthwatering pleasures. If you want to thrill the senses    of your guests before they even have their first bite, learn a bit of the basic decorating and designing cakes to simple perfection, such as the likes that you find in Ketchum Restaurants. Continue reading


How to Prepare Graham Cake


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Graham cakes have always been a welcome dessert for a typical Filipino family. It’s easy to prepare and can already feed 6-8 people hungry for sweets. You only have to put it in the fridge for a few hours and it’s ready to be served.

Whether you are entertaining or just want to have an afternoon time with your family, preparing graham cakes will make simple moments seem extraordinary. Continue reading

Basic Elements of Plating


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Have you ever wondered how restaurants make all their food look so appetizing? It’s not only because the chefs use exotic spices and other ingredients that is delectable to our taste, but also because they have mastered the art of food plating.

Food plating is learned to seduce appetite and increase people’s desire for food. And of course, to impress diners as well as they look at the food with anticipation.

Cava Cava Restaurant food plating

Cava Cava Restaurant Chicken food plating

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What Food Are Safe For Pregnant Woman?


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Pregnancy is happy news. Babies have always been a blessed gift sent from the heavens, so it is just right to take good care of your body’s condition. Setting religion and God-given gifts aside, taking care of your body will help you undergo birthing easy and will prevent any unnecessary complications, unless of course it’s hereditary.

pregnancy diet

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Great Cake Designs for 2014


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When it comes to cake designs, we can’t help but think about weddings. Year 2014, a lot of brides would be looking to get hold of some of pretty epic great cake designs for their wedding. Apparently, it’s not only the tech world that is advancing rapidly but even the cake industry has seen lots of exciting developments with new techniques and tools to making unique cake designs possible.

Here are some of great cake designs for weddings on 2014:

1.      Geometric Cake Design

Geometric Cake Design

Not all of us like Geometry, but who could not love the cute geometric patterns on a cake? The structured patterns speak volumes of a very modern and elegant couple. Pull off a geometric cake design with your wedding color palette and signature motif. So bold and gutsy! Just what a 2014 married couple would be. Continue reading

Delicious Nutella Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss


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If you are the type that is nuts on nuts then you might what to get a whole dose of nutella crazy delish recipes. May it be a simple nutella spread on bread, a cookie, hot drink or an iced choco nutella; you will get enough of some of the most delectable nutella recipes served in sought after Ketchum Idaho restaurants. Here are some deliciously easy sinful nutella desserts.

Let’s start off with a simple recipe, which you can whip in 12-15 minutes – the Nutella Cream Pastry Puff.

It is extremely easy to make. Just create nine equal squares from a package of Puff Pastry. Using a slightly greased baking sheet, bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Cool the puff pastries then whip nutella over it adding a bit of sugar. Stir until well blended then put in the fridge for 20 minutes. You can add more sugar and spread a bit more nutella onto the puff pastry squares.  Then serve with sliced bananas on top.

If you are not so into the too sweet nutella dish, try the Nutella Pretzel Brownies – a mix of sweet and salty flavor that will definitely make you crave for a mouthful of exploding taste.

Nutella Pretzel Brownies

Image source: Chef in Training

This nutella dessert can be served in as fast as 30-35 minutes. How to make it? Eyes below: Continue reading

Why You Should Visit CavaCava Restaurant and Wine Bar


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Sun Valley is many things but what stood out the most is its culinary expertise. The people’s endeavor to create great food is more a way of life than a simply activity or a business venture. One restaurant in Sun Valley Idaho tops among gourmand visitors’ favored choice for dining and wining – the CavaCava.

CavaCava Restaurant and Wine Bar

CavaCava Restaurant and Wine Bar

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Healthy Food Best for Winter


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Just because it is winter and we can’t enjoy a healthy dose of our favorite summer recipes and snack food, doesn’t mean we have to settle for warm soups daily. Of course, our priority is to warm our tummies and our whole body but health is of utmost important as well.

So here are healthy snack food you can dish up to warm yourself and keep your body healthy during winter.

Dark leafy vegetables

dark leafy vegetables

These dark leafy vegetables may be the only ones looking attractive in the produce section during winter, when all else looks bleak and unappetizing. Kale, chard and collards are vegetables that thrive in the winter chill so you wouldn’t find them withering in the cold. You can dish up a thick vegetable soup with these, enough to warm your stomach and channel a dose of vitamin A, C and K into your body, keeping you healthy all throughout winter.

Citrus Fruits

citrusThere are some people who get sick rather easily due to the cold weather. How much more during winter? Citrus fruits are often the best remedy for colds because they are rich of vitamin C that boosts your immunity. Do not worry about these fruits not surviving the winter chill because these too, like the dark leafy vegetables, thrives in the cold. In fact, they are on its juiciest during winter. So why don’t you get yourself a few lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit for a healthy snack food.



Avoiding the winter blues keeps your appetite up, which means you’ll still eat as heartily now as you have during summer. Sunlight as we all know produces the feel-good hormone serotonin which puts people in a cheery mood. So to avoid the winter blues, whole grain carbs like oatmeal is your saving grace. According to research eating lots of carbs boosts your serotonin level and so keeps you away from being in low mood during the winter season.



Winter brings drier air which means dry skin for you. This leaves you feeling dull, tight and itchy. Eating walnuts as a snack food or a mix to your meal will help combat dry skin from inside because of its omega-3 fatty acid. This omega-3 fatty acid is responsible for maintaining your cell membranes intact and healthy.

Chicken Soup

chicken soup

How about combating the winter cold and keeping healthy all at the same time? With chicken soup you can definitely do that. Chicken soup has long been accepted as the best home remedy for colds and flu. It has medicinal properties that reduce inflammation in your nose and throat which are two of the symptoms of flu. In addition, chicken soups are low in calories and saturated fat.

For sure going to restaurants do not top your list of to do’s, perhaps you can still enjoy a hearty good meal despite the cold season. Try to check out to inspire you with great and healthy food.

Health Benefits of Pizza


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As one of the most popular Italian cuisine well-loved by millions of people around the world, it is not hard to digest that pizza has other benefits other than instantly easing hungry stomachs. There are a couple of health benefits of pizza that is often overlooked.

Pizza has always been equated to a sinful dose of calories and fats which perhaps may raise doubts to majority of its consumers as to its health benefits. To convince non-believers, let’s run through a couple of healthy goodness that pizza offers.


Research has it that pizza can cut the risk of developing cancer

Based on research people who ate pizza at least twice a week has 59 percent less likelihood of developing esophageal cancer and 26 percent less likely to get colon cancer. Continue reading

Food for Flat Abs


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Almost every woman in the planet dreams of flat abs to show for and flaunt. Perhaps we have been influenced by the media but regardless having flat abs indicate that you are healthy and eating right. Unless you spend most of your 24/7 in a gym lifting weights and doing those painful core exercises.

Eating the right food is the most basic and more natural thing to do than slave your body on strenuous exercises. Speaking about food for flat abs, we know low caloric and protein-packed diet is the key to get those flabby fats out of our body. But do we know what food can actually help us achieve this?

Here are some examples of common food that you might want to eat more of. Continue reading