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Almost every woman in the planet dreams of flat abs to show for and flaunt. Perhaps we have been influenced by the media but regardless having flat abs indicate that you are healthy and eating right. Unless you spend most of your 24/7 in a gym lifting weights and doing those painful core exercises.

Eating the right food is the most basic and more natural thing to do than slave your body on strenuous exercises. Speaking about food for flat abs, we know low caloric and protein-packed diet is the key to get those flabby fats out of our body. But do we know what food can actually help us achieve this?

Here are some examples of common food that you might want to eat more of.


One to two apples a day is enough to stow away the fats. It is packed with 5 grams of fiber and 80% of it is water which makes your belly feel full. So make sure to grab an apple or two for snacks or after a meal.


Eggs are the perfect source of protein if you want to get toned up and achieve flat abs. It’s packed with a balanced dose of amino acids used to build up muscular body mass. Eggs like apples also fend off hunger pangs and helps break offending fat cells.



Small but terrible – beans is packed protein and fiber, which are two necessary ingredient for firming the muscles and feeling full to keep hunger at bay.


A tomato is more popular because for its anti-oxidant properties. What people don’t know is, it also helps your body shed those extra pounds. It reduces water retention and reverses leptin resistance, a compound essential for regulating metabolic rate and appetite.


This type of nut is a belly busting nut that help build muscles and reduce people’s cravings. But the most interesting thing about almonds that makes it a perfect snack is its ability to block calories.



The ultimate fat-fighter, soybeans help prevent the accumulation of fats by changing it to energy. It is also packed with protein and fiber, which we know is essential.


The thermogenic characteristics of garlic boosts metabolism which helps very much in burning fats to use for energy just like soybeans.



Contrary to popular belief banana does not only contribute to beautiful and healthy skin or aid in digestion. It is also known to relieve water retention because of its potassium content.

What are the common denominators?

It is not necessary to list all foods for flat abs as long as you remember three characteristics that food must have. You can search all you want on search engines on these types of food once you know what ab-friendly properties you need to look for.

Before you go and pick fancy restaurants in Sun Valley Idaho, pick out food that has protein, fiber, can boost metabolism and prevent water retention. You’ll have your flat abs in no time at all.