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As one of the most popular Italian cuisine well-loved by millions of people around the world, it is not hard to digest that pizza has other benefits other than instantly easing hungry stomachs. There are a couple of health benefits of pizza that is often overlooked.

Pizza has always been equated to a sinful dose of calories and fats which perhaps may raise doubts to majority of its consumers as to its health benefits. To convince non-believers, let’s run through a couple of healthy goodness that pizza offers.


Research has it that pizza can cut the risk of developing cancer

Based on research people who ate pizza at least twice a week has 59 percent less likelihood of developing esophageal cancer and 26 percent less likely to get colon cancer.

Because pizza is rich in tomato sauce (at least for those original Italian recipes) made up of lycopene, an antioxidant known to prevent several types of cancer, it is best to eat pizza with lots and lots of tomato sauce on it. And one interesting fact about lycopene is it actually absorbs better when heated. We all know that pizza is commonly spread with fresh tomato sauce before its put to the oven.

Eating pizza with different sorts of healthy toppings

Tomato sauce is not the only superhero ingredient contained in a pizza. Have you forgotten its toppings and the cheese? If you don’t know the health benefits of pizza from every single topping that passes through your eager mouths, let this enlighten you.

Olive oil prevents heart disease as it reduces bad cholesterol in the body. It also helps a person’s cognitive function such as visual memory and verbal fluency.

Garlic is rich in vitamin B6, also with cancer fighting abilities by increasing the body’s immune system. Garlic contains iodine that is effective for treating people afflicted with hyperthyroid conditions.


Oregano is a greatsource of vitamin K which is fat-soluble that protects the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system. It also helps strengthen the bones and proper blood clotting to prevent excessive bleeding for wounds.

Mozzarella cheese which is known for its calcium content that also helps increase bone health. Cheese also has good fats, protein and sodium.

Pizza covers major food group for a healthy body

It’s crazy to think of pizza as a healthy meal, when we knew that its one hell of a guilty pleasure for gourmands. But what if you can actually get all the nutrients you need to cover major food groups? We all know cheese is the source of calcium, sauce as antioxidants, chicken for protein, fruits such as pineapple and all sorts of vegetables to take care of a few vitamins and minerals. The dough will definitely take care of the carbs part.

So you see, there are quite a lot of health benefits of pizza. The next time you visit restaurants in Ketchum ID and order a healthy round of pizza think of it as an all-in-one healthy meal.