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Just because it is winter and we can’t enjoy a healthy dose of our favorite summer recipes and snack food, doesn’t mean we have to settle for warm soups daily. Of course, our priority is to warm our tummies and our whole body but health is of utmost important as well.

So here are healthy snack food you can dish up to warm yourself and keep your body healthy during winter.

Dark leafy vegetables

dark leafy vegetables

These dark leafy vegetables may be the only ones looking attractive in the produce section during winter, when all else looks bleak and unappetizing. Kale, chard and collards are vegetables that thrive in the winter chill so you wouldn’t find them withering in the cold. You can dish up a thick vegetable soup with these, enough to warm your stomach and channel a dose of vitamin A, C and K into your body, keeping you healthy all throughout winter.

Citrus Fruits

citrusThere are some people who get sick rather easily due to the cold weather. How much more during winter? Citrus fruits are often the best remedy for colds because they are rich of vitamin C that boosts your immunity. Do not worry about these fruits not surviving the winter chill because these too, like the dark leafy vegetables, thrives in the cold. In fact, they are on its juiciest during winter. So why don’t you get yourself a few lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit for a healthy snack food.



Avoiding the winter blues keeps your appetite up, which means you’ll still eat as heartily now as you have during summer. Sunlight as we all know produces the feel-good hormone serotonin which puts people in a cheery mood. So to avoid the winter blues, whole grain carbs like oatmeal is your saving grace. According to research eating lots of carbs boosts your serotonin level and so keeps you away from being in low mood during the winter season.



Winter brings drier air which means dry skin for you. This leaves you feeling dull, tight and itchy. Eating walnuts as a snack food or a mix to your meal will help combat dry skin from inside because of its omega-3 fatty acid. This omega-3 fatty acid is responsible for maintaining your cell membranes intact and healthy.

Chicken Soup

chicken soup

How about combating the winter cold and keeping healthy all at the same time? With chicken soup you can definitely do that. Chicken soup has long been accepted as the best home remedy for colds and flu. It has medicinal properties that reduce inflammation in your nose and throat which are two of the symptoms of flu. In addition, chicken soups are low in calories and saturated fat.

For sure going to restaurants do not top your list of to do’s, perhaps you can still enjoy a hearty good meal despite the cold season. Try to check out http://cavacava-sunvalley.com/ to inspire you with great and healthy food.