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When it comes to cake designs, we can’t help but think about weddings. Year 2014, a lot of brides would be looking to get hold of some of pretty epic great cake designs for their wedding. Apparently, it’s not only the tech world that is advancing rapidly but even the cake industry has seen lots of exciting developments with new techniques and tools to making unique cake designs possible.

Here are some of great cake designs for weddings on 2014:

1.      Geometric Cake Design

Geometric Cake Design

Not all of us like Geometry, but who could not love the cute geometric patterns on a cake? The structured patterns speak volumes of a very modern and elegant couple. Pull off a geometric cake design with your wedding color palette and signature motif. So bold and gutsy! Just what a 2014 married couple would be.

2.      Cupcake Madness

Cupcake Madness

Five to ten cupcakes is a sorry excuse for a wedding cake, even a decent birthday cake would be better. Perhaps cupcakes have been reportedly out of vogue but not when you know how to whip up a delightful way to adorn and arrange cupcakes as a miraculously lovely wedding cake.

3.      Vintage Design Cake

Vintage Design Cake

Some may be head over heels in love with a trendy cake design that suits the era we are in. But still, there some lovely traditional brides out there that are stuck with the sentimental value of the lace, rose and pearl vintage wedding cakes. It’s just more romantic and dreamy.

4.      Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked Wedding CakesIf you are a no-nonsense couple, who just want to enjoy a simple and rustic wedding, then the naked wedding cake design is perfect for you. Naked cakes are uncovered cakes with layers and layers of buttercream, jams, fruit prunes, conserves and curds. It’s a very honest cake without all the embellishments that covers its true beauty.

5.      Square Wedding Cakes

Square Wedding Cakes

If you want unique, craftsy and edgy try to look at square wedding cakes. It adds a visual appeal that veers away from the tall and multi-tiered stack of round cakes with frills and spills. Square tiers are softened by fondant drapes and flower clusters to retain the feminine touch of a square-shaped cake.

There are virtually a lot of great cake designs that DIY brides who fancy getting creative can look for inspiration. Start with consulting some artisan bakers from great restaurants in Sun Valley Idaho, that is, if they let you in on how to create a visual masterpiece wedding cakes and desserts that are easy to make and most of all affordable. Or you can just basically search online and check out some great cake design trends for 2014.