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Pregnancy is happy news. Babies have always been a blessed gift sent from the heavens, so it is just right to take good care of your body’s condition. Setting religion and God-given gifts aside, taking care of your body will help you undergo birthing easy and will prevent any unnecessary complications, unless of course it’s hereditary.

pregnancy diet

One important way to be healthy while carrying a baby inside (so you and your baby are healthy) is to eat the right kind of food at the right amounts. In this article, pregnant women need not worry about what food to avoid and what they must eat or at least try to get a liking to as here we will enumerate the food that are safe for pregnant women.’

Recommended food to eat:

Soft cheeses. According to FDA, soft cheeses are allowed during pregnancy as long as it is made from pasteurized milk. So if you want to eat cheese, make sure to check the labels.

Deli Meat. Deli meat is okay as long as it is heated first (to kill the bacteria). When you order a sandwich with deli meat, request for it to be heated and make sure that the meat is still steaming before you eat it.

High-protein lunches. If you feel like passing on the deli meat, you can always have veggie burger, bean burrito or chicken salad as alternative snack.

Fresh fruits and vegetables (produce). This should always be present in your diet during pregnancy because your baby need vitamins and you need fiber. However, be sure to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove any possible trace of harmful bacteria.

Diet sodas. Although not a recommended nutritional choice for your diet, at least a little artificial sweetener (from diet soda) will not cause you harm. So drink in moderation.

Caffeine. According to some studies, at least 300 milligrams per day is a safe amount. This is found in two or three 8 ounce cups of coffee. We wouldn’t want to be removed entirely from our daily rev up.

Nitrate-rich food. Like diet sodas, hotdogs and other cured meats is low in nutritional value and has nitrate as additives which may link to diabetes and brain tumor. But if you can’t help it, just make sure you eat in moderation and it should always be thoroughly cooked.

Almost any food is alright to eat during pregnancy as long as…

It is safe from pathogens (bacteria). When you are pregnant there is a shift in your immune system that makes you vulnerable to food-borne illnesses. A simple stomach upset can cause you and your baby irreparable bodily harm. So basically, food that are safe to eat are those that are heated, thoroughly washed and cooked or those that are basically clean from bacteria. If you eat at restaurants Ketchum Idaho, always order thoroughly cooked meals to help prevent food-borne illnesses to you and your baby.