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Have you ever wondered how restaurants make all their food look so appetizing? It’s not only because the chefs use exotic spices and other ingredients that is delectable to our taste, but also because they have mastered the art of food plating.

Food plating is learned to seduce appetite and increase people’s desire for food. And of course, to impress diners as well as they look at the food with anticipation.

Cava Cava Restaurant food plating

Cava Cava Restaurant Chicken food plating

In short, it is the practice of arranging food to make it look appealing and presentable when they are served. Makes you want to feel sorry for eating such a delightful presentation.

Elements of Plating

There are three main elements of plating: the plate, arrangement and the food served.

The plate is where the food is placed so it must look clean and attractive but not so much that it overpowers the food that is on it. The arrangement is how all pieces of the dish are placed on the plate. For example, most chefs will arrange the sauce in a pattern before adding the food such as meat or dessert. The taste of the food will do justice to how beautifully it was plated, so it must be sumptuous, kind of like the ones in Ketchum Idaho restaurants.

Proper Food Plating

When plating, food shouldn’t look like it was hastily plunked on the plate without a care (much like a food ration from prison cells). It has to radiate elegance and appears like the chefs and kitchen staff took proper care and attention to the details of the food, which is what patrons expect from high-end restaurants. Nevertheless, even inexpensive restaurants should also practice proper plating.

Here are 5 simple basic plating that every cook must know.


Creating a framework means you already have pictured-out what you want the food to actually look like to your diners. Some chefs sketch it while others are often struck by inspiration.


Don’t get overly creative and garnish the food with too much sauce or a heap of herbs. Sometimes elegance is found in simplicity and keeping it simple will direct your diners’ attention to the main elements of the dish.


You can play with colors through sauce, herbs and other vegetables but make sure that everything is balanced. However, presentation should not confuse diners on which to focus on and should not overwhelm them.

Cava Cava


Strike the right proportion of each and every element of the dish. Do not placed carrots that are cut too big or meat that is looks monstrously heavy on the plate that it looks unpalatable. Also ensure that you put at least the right proportion of protein and carbohydrates for a nutritionally balanced meal.

Key Ingredient

As mentioned earlier, the presentation should not overpower the main elements of the dish. You can highlight the key ingredient so it won’t get lost with all the garnishes. Remember that people are going to eat the food and not just look at it.

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