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Designing cakes can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have no idea how beyond the simple dots or waves of icing. Don’t you want to design a cake that looks sophisticated with beautiful embellishments of cheerful colors?

Cakes are among a series of confectionaries that hold the promise of mouthwatering pleasures. If you want to thrill the senses    of your guests before they even have their first bite, learn a bit of the basic decorating and designing cakes to simple perfection, such as the likes that you find in Ketchum Restaurants.

Cake Designing Tools

An artist without his brush can’t create the majestic masterpieces that now hung on famous halls of Galleries. It’s the same thing with cake designing. You have to be equipped with the basic cake decorating tools.

Here are a couple of essentials:

  •  A sturdy serrate knife for a clean cut
  • Spatulas for precise frosting
  • Teaspoon
  • Table knife
  • Pastry bags for piping dots, lines and swirls
  • Stir batter
  • Long and thin bamboo skewers to stabilize layers
  • Star tip for decorating

How to Pipe a Frosting

  1. Fill the plastic pastry bag with frosting (at least two-thirds)
  2. Fold the corners and roll the bag down to the frosting
  3. Grip the bag near the roll above the frosting
  4. Use a twist tie or clip to close the back of the bag to prevent the frosting from backing up over your hand.
  5. Apply pressure to force the frosting toward the tip
  6. With the other hand, guide the tip of the bag while cake designing.

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Art of Piping

Create a perfectly frosted cake by trimming the top of the cake with the serrated knife to create an even and flat surface.

If you want put fillings in your cake like curd or jam, cut the cake in half and spread the filling on top of the bottom layer of the cake. Then place the second layer on top of the filling.

Place a generous pile of frosting on top of the cake and spread the frosting with a spatula until it’s flattened and no excess frosting hangs over the side. Don’t forget to smoothen out the frosting by holding the spatula in place on the side and spinning the cake in a slow and circular motion.

Place a star tip inside the pastry bag and fill with frosting and close the back of the bag. Start making rosette designs all the way around the top edge of the cake or around the base of the cake using the star tip.

But if you want other designs, you can use different types of bag tips such as round tops for lines and dots; leaf tips to make leaf shapes and basket-weave tips to make ribbon-like lines and borders.

After piping frost, you can place chocolate chunks or raspberry in the center or on top of the rosette designs to create a bit of variety. Now your beautiful cake is ready to serve. Won’t your cake design make for a beautiful Sun Valley dining?